Is Catholicism Over Represented on TV?

Tell me if I’m wrong. Are most of the religious representatives portrayed on television shows, Catholic? the answer for me seems to be yes but maybe it has to do with my viewing habits and not anything else. It’s just odd that almost any “cop” show, many of the comedies, the same with regular old dramas, when a religious character is required, it always seems to be Catholic. Is it that Catholic priests are easy to identify with their collar or is it maybe the writers of the show are just Catholic oriented. Sure, I’ve seen protestant leaders on as well, but a lot of those end up being bad guys as they are outspoken anti-abortion or something else.I don’t think anyone is actively pushing one denomination over another and I doubt the catholicism we see on TV is the real deal. I’m not catholic, used to be protestant and can say for sure that the protestants represented on TV are caricatures of the real deal. Mostly. Maybe it would be more fair to properly represent all religious ideas equally and fairly in entertainment.

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