Medical Responsibility vs Patients Rights

Maybe we should put more emphasis , in this country, on doctor’s responsibility towards patients and less on patients rights. I’m not advocating against patient rights, just that doctors become more responsible for those decisions made by patients that may, im fact, be harmful over the long term. We trust doctors, in general, and in general we should because they should be treating us based on the best medical information out there and not succumb to some popular ideologically driven treatment or solution based on want and not need. Sure, there are remedies like malpractice, but that doesn’t prevent a doctor from practicing bad medicine. It only raises his/her insiurance premiums and if good enough to convince people of their treatments will somehow save or cure them, whether or not there’s any proof of anything, then they’re welcome to continue in this country. Maybe instead of malpractice, we should be looking at revoking their license to practice? Maybe so.

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