Who Works for Whom?

We have what is known as a Representative Democracy in that. individually, we don’t vote on bills that become law, we elect people to represent our vote. This is how it works no matter if it’s at City Council or Congress. When we vote for these people, we do so believing that they will adhere to the promises they made the consituency while running for office. Do they always or do they become tempted otherwise? I’m not referring to money, but power. All these people have to do is claim they worked for us and sure enough, unless it can be proven otherwise, we re-elect that person every time.Maybe that’s why we have folks that have been in Congress for 30+ years. When it comes to the election year is when we see our representative the most active, isn’t it? Before this November, before you cast your vote, go here and search on your representative either House or Senate.Now you’ve become an informed voter.

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