Every Time They Think They Have Him…

Uh-Oh. If this is true, the current anti-Trump media campaign can be wrapped up and they can then go on and attempt to create another Trump is a traitor narrative. I’ve never witnessed as much fear and loathing of a candidate, and in this case possible candidate as I have in Donald Trump. Is he the greatest politician ever to grace the American political scene? No, he isn’t. but when looking at who replaced him, maybe his thin-skinned reaction to being attacked by the press and other politicians, maybe he wasn’t as bad as some want us to believe. Personally, I’m still awaiting the sure-fire evidence that representative Adam Shiff told us for two years, he had, that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trump was a Russian agent. Maybe they should’ve focused on Hillary, Comey, McCabe, Strozk, and some others in the Justice Department that may be better objects for investigation.

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