Socialism, We Hardly Knew You

Ahh, socialism. For some reason after all of these decades of countries throwing off your shackles, there are those, yes, right in this country, that want to embrace the stranglehold of tyranny and deprivation that we’ve yet to experience. We used to see video of people standing in line at grocery stores in the old Soviet Union, waiting for their weekly ration of bread. Maybe they’d be lucky and there would be some cheese as erll.Meat? Not for the great unwashed: That was reserved for special members of the party, Tourists were also treated with care as welll because the. government wanted to make sure when they returned home those tourists would praise the bounties of the Soviet Union as well as socialism. But yes, we can still see the effects of socialism, right in our own backyard. Yes, it’s our old friend Cuba. We complain here about the cost of food and other goods due to Bidenflation, but in The Socialist Paradise of Cuba, milk, meat, and now bread are quickly disappearing from the dinner table. If we’re to believe anything heard in the news, shortages may be on their way to our shores. All due to our friends in the administration in Washington, and their lack of urgency in helping those that actually need help with what they’ve done with the economy. I guess it looks better to hand out money to the rich. Look familiar?

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