‘The Second Coming’ vs the Empty Suit

I know many, when discussing anything Trump, are almost in some sort of rapture. It’s not the same as with any other Republican I can recall in my lifetime and it’s sort of embarrassing to me to sit around and be sermonized by the Church of Trump. Not tht I think, overall, he was a poor president. On the contrary, his policies placed our country in a position it had not occupied in a generation, or more. For that reason alone, he should’ve been reelected. The pandemic and how the Federal government responded, at least initially, hurt chances as well as the riots throughout the country that same summer and how it was allowed to continue at state and federal levels. I think that year, Trump received bad advice with both the response to the pandemic and the burning down of cities. That’s his fault. None of this, however, makes him into a Savior figure as some would like to portray him after a little less than two years of joe Biden. The more he’s portrayed in that light, the less chance there is for him to win the residency in 2024. If he decides to run.

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