MSNBC: Calling for Civil War or Some Such Nonsense

It’s one thing to show support for a government that has very l ittle from the citizens, it’s another thing to foment violence to the point of civil war. MSNBC has never tried to hide it’s affinity toward democrats and the Democratic party going back to the early days of the Obama administration. Now, they’ve become nothing more than a drum beat for violence, sedition, and insurrection. Isn’t there some sort of law about encouraging these? But MSNBC is begging for viewers, as everyone knows, the problem being having one of their less-than-stable viewers attempt to act upon words from MSNBC hosts or guests. I heard the White House attempted to walk back his statements about Trump supporters last evening. I can guess why. It went over like a lead balloon and failed in every aspect to energize his base. If anything, it drove more people away. the walk back also shows that Biden has no convictions whatsoever. But anyone that served in the Senate with him could have told us that.

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