People Dissatisfied With Public Schools. Change is on the way.

Surprise! Parents are dissatisfied with public schools accordong to a new. poll. 42% of those surveyed say they are satisfied. I was shocked it was so high. After the illegitimate school closures, going to “virtual learning” and parents getting to witness what their children are being taught, I would’ve thought 25% a high number. Once parents began to understand what was going on in the “classroom”, more and more started attending school board meetings, attempting to get the school board to not only listen to parents’ concerns but make the changes to the curriculum correcting for the deficiencies added only to indoctrinate kids to believe what parents knew as nonsense.Since then, a lot of these unhearing school boards have been replaced or are about to be in upcoming elections. It’s something these people forgot over time: They’re elected officials. Voters elect them to carry out the mandate parents want. Not the other way.

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