I Don’t Think Even Biden Could Explain

The Biden supporters I see online (mainly Twitter) cause me no end of unexpected hilarity during my day. I don’t see a lot, but those I do happen to come across show themselves to be clueless as to what is going on domestically. I never spend much time trying to understand their thinking, and after looking at a few biographies, with included preferred pronouns, becomes all I really need to know. Sometimes I want to just mess with them on Twitter, other times, flame the crap out of them. What I end up doing mostly is ignoring them. I refer to that as Ignoring the Stupid. It’s like this: You see someone burning their fingers on the stove. They know it hurts but are unable or incapable of determining the source of that pain. They repeat, again and again, and even though at some point someone has stepped in trying to explain what is happening, the person refuses to believe. It’s not uncommon at that point to just walk away. There are people that are beyond and unreachable. I’ve seen a lot of that lately.

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