Trans Activists Refuse Responsibility

Once in a while, I notice a tweet in my timeline that states: “98% of straight men are unwilling to date a Trans Woman because of hatred”. It ends with an ominous “This Has To Change” as of somehow a law will be passed to force people to date those they have no interest in dating. I can tell these people why, in a few words: Straight men do not want to date men and no matter how it’s cloaked, that woman, biologically is “male” and that’s not hate, that’s a fact. That there are some Trans Activists attempting to make an issue out of other people’s choices is where the problem really exists. No one is responsible for you but you. It’s unconscionable that Trans Women would place the blame for the lack of interest on people that, generally speaking, would never be interested. One last comment to the Trans Activist Community: No one cares

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