Are Liberals on a War Footing?

Something I never hear? A conservative. talking about a Civil War. I cannot turn on the TV and switch to one of the left leaning “news” channels and not see a segment on the upcoming Civil War between the Left and Right. In fact, some already believe we’re already in a Civil War.. One contributor on MSNBC after the horrific speech by the president called what he listened to a “war time speech”. It makes me wonder. if some on the left aren’t chomping at the bit for a real conflict to begin. The president isn’t helping, he went from Nuremberg to an almost complete walk back the very next day, to doubling down on his original speech on Labor Day. Conservatives I’ve spoken with believe that the government is actually attempting to get regular citizens to rise up with arms. I don’t know that to be true, at least for me, but it sure seems to be like a kid on a playground bullying the other kids. I was speaking with a friend recently and told him that my parents, lifelong Democrats and people that grew up almost worshipping FDR, if still alive, would not recognize their country today.

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