Is Biden’s ‘Vacation Time’ Important?

The story about Joe Biden recently has been how much “vacation time” he takes. the last total I saw as 141 days. That’s quite a bit but I remember the days when other presidents would be out golfing in moidweek and hardly a mention made because, well, the president is always the president so even though there might be time away from Washington D.C., there was never really any time away from the job. No one is saying that about Biden, and yes, I’ve listened to the “progressive channels (MSNBC, CNN) to see if they had any excuse or if this was even. on their radar. As far as I could determine, neither. It’s too bad because in some way it is an important issue if nothing else than what the politicos like to call “optics”. It will probably be a (minor)campaign issue if Biden does run for a second term. Vacation days will be compared with the state of the economy, education, crime, immigration, national security, etc.It does seem that Biden’s handlers are completely unaware of the optics currently and either don;t care if he runs for a second term and if he does, wins. ut then, by that time, their total destruction of the country will be almost complete.

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