Will Fox Buy CNN? Why?

I just can’t see Fox News buying CNN in any circumstance. What would they(Fox) do with it? As a news stations it would only diminish Fox’s demographics if it became another conservative or eve libertarian outlet, The best they could do is turn it into what made CNN more famous: a Headline News Service. That was actually a great idea for those of us that didn’t have time to watch. 30 or 60 minutes worth of news. Everything you need to know in 15 minutes. Repeated with new stories as they arose or updates to previous stories. For newsys, it was a quick fix in the morning before going to work and in the afternoon before all. of the production teams moved in for the evening kill. In the last few years, CNN Headline News has become? Well, it’s not really describable anymore but if CNN wanted to try to begin to bring viewers back, they’d do it via Headline News. Of course, Fox could bring it back as well.

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