Classic KJP

The current hurricane season will be less devastating due to Joe Biden’s green policies, says Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden’s puppet – I mean Press Secretary. what’s really awful about her saying something so dumb is that the White House Press Corps, sitting in the press room, didn’t bust out laughing. they do realize that they’re not the only access the public has to any statements made by anyone in the White House, don’t they? Why does it seem to the general public (that’s you and me, folks) the press willl do all they can to cover got a Democrat President but not for a Republican? Imagine what Kayleigh McKinney would’ve caught from that same press corps of she’d said something so incredibly stupid. It would have been “news” for days. Now? No big deal. They did the same for Obama. Hoe many times did the press ask him about something where he claimed he only found out that morning , reading about it in a newspaper. And these idiots bought it. Or pretended to. They just can;t understand the public is too well attuned today to fall for media lies and obfuscations.

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