Zelensky Plays a Card

Overnight, President Zelensky of Ukraine addressed the Russian people in their native tongue. With the beginning of what appears to be a large amount of civil unrest in Russia due entirely to Moscow’s execution of the war in Ukraine, forced conscription of men up to the age of 65, and the appearance of desperation with these tactics, Zelensky has appealed to those conscripts and even current Russian forces occupying areas of Ukraine to surrender – defect, and they will be treated civilly, that no one will know the circumstances of their surrender as well as if these same don’t want to return to Russia, they won’t be forced. this is known as stirring the pot in that there’s already crisis within Russia over this campaign on Ukraine and now, Zelensky has turned up the flame and is furiously stirring hoping to see hundreds if not thousands of Russian troops surrender without having to expend any more armament or sacrificing any more lives. This could result in an end to this conflict sooner rather than later. It may also push an already erratic Putin further into that corner of no return.

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