Liz Cheney: Unwelcome Everywhere

Some advice for Democrats running for office here in Arizona this year. If you’re in a close race, don’t invite Liz Cheney to come in and campaign with you. It’s a sure way to lose. Bigly. Why Liz Cheney is still out there trying to keep her name in the press is of course, obvious: she’s considering a run for president in 2024. In which party though because it’s unclear not only where she would make the best fit but also which party would want her to run. Here in Arizona, she could guarantee a virtual sweep for any Republican that she campaigned against only adding to a possible red wave in November. I doubt she has any real support from Democrats as they only view her as a useful idiot, a tool they’ve manipulated very well attempting not only to divide Republicans but the country as well. But the electorate has never been stupid and now with access to even more information than ever before, it’s unlikely that Ms. Cheney will soon be welcome anywhere, including her home state of Wyoming.

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