I Can Think For Myself

Somerhing I’ve been wanting to know is who aree the arbiters of that which is known as disinformation or misinformation? I know Ive asked this very question before and I’ll continue to ask until I see a reasonable response. What this means to me is that there has to be a third party to peruse information that is seen on social network platforms and how do these people know for a fact that the information bad? Okay, thee are some tht just post bizarre information that most people are going to know is fake so there’s no need to anyone to tell us. Those that choose to believe it? We cant fix stupid, can we. But there’s a difference between dis/misinformation and ideology. Most of what we see labeled as one of those is from the platform and they use an ideological rebuttal. Anyone that doesn’t know the NYT, WaPo, CBS, NBC, ABC are not left wing outlets, deserve what they receive. The bottom line for me is no thank you, I am able to think for myself and if i want your help discerning something? I’ll ask.

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