Repeal the 17th Amendment? Maybe

I read a short, interesting story today concerning the repeal of the 17th Amendment. No, slavery won;t be legal, and women will still be able to vote. What would change is how Senator are chosen. Before the 17th Amendment, state legislatures chose those who would represent their state in Washington. It made those Senators beholding to that legislature to keep their seats. That created problems as well in that sometimes it took months, years., for a legislature to agree upon a person to represent their state. Then there are the obvious problems of people trying to buy a seat and all that comes with that. But it doesn’t negate. the advantage that those 2 Senators are tied to the state legislature and not Washington. Think about those Senators we’ve all elected and if they’re (between elections) concerned about their state, or the state of Washington, D.C.?

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