Where do Stories go When the Media Kills Them?

Remember when we were less concerned about the mid-term elections and more about stories that were affecting lives, like the sudden absence of baby formula on grocery store shelves? Well, although that story has mostly disappeared from the news, it’s still a huge problem across the country. Are babies by the hundreds dying every day due to the created shortage? I think that would be a story if true so it’s easier to say that although parents are struggling with this., it hasn’t become the tragedy the media expected and mayber thsat’s why they’ve dropped it. I mean, if there’s no blood or destruction, then there won’t be any eyes or clicks on the story will there? But since the ?U.S. makes it’s own, we can’t blame other countries for the lack, can we? It could be, as the story linked suggests, a problem with a lack of transportation resources being able to get the product to the stores. But are we saying we’ve lost that many truck drivers since last February?

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