The New and (Hopefully) Improved Twitter is Imminent

So, Elon Musk has informed about half of Twitter employees that their services are no longer required as of November 4, The remainder, it seems, were told to return to the office to continue employment. In other words, their sabbatical of remote working is over. These are the kinds of things that happens when a company changes hands, What was once company culture no longer exists, The new owner(s) are anxious to place their own stamp n the acquired company. I know this well, having worked for a telecommunications giant for several years that was bought out for, well, maybe not as much as Twitter, but billions to be sure. The culture shock for us, as senior engineering staff, was dramatic to pit it mildly. Although the new owners weren’t quick ro layoff anyone, we, the senior engineering staff, all but left the company within 9 months, Eight engineers that ran the development of the company network, were gone and that experience is nearly impossible to replace in the short term. Musk will probably experience this as well but being smarter (or so it seems) than many of the entrepreneur class, is probably well prepared having taken rime across the summer into fall before pulling the trigger on the acquisition.

There was some news about a lawsuit by now former employees but its doubtful it will go anywhere as long as Musk follow the labor laws in California, which all indictions show he is doing. Now it’s just wait and watch for the turn around. It’ll be interesting, for sure. Some heads in the media will explode, but the remainder of the user community will most likely be unaffected and an unrepentant Elon Musk will laugh all the way to the bank.

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