What Inflation?

I saw a video clip recently of a host on MSNBC, Joy Reid , who claomed, in a weird sort of way, that “inflation” is a term used by jourtnalists and economists and is not really in the lexicon of average Americans, So, what she was saying, I think, is that prices of goods and services are in our imagination and have nothing to do wth some made up word, Inflation. I wonder if this woman does ant of her own shopping, or pays any of her own bills? If ahe drives, does she not notice the increase in gas and diesel since Biden took office? Maybe not but seriously, I think these sycophants are just making a last gasp attempt at telling voters that there’s nothing wrong with the economy and that its okay, in fact it’s necessary for these voters to not believe all the gloom, and doom they experience in their daily lives, and continue to vote for, and support, democrat policies. Won’t you help them?

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