Twitter Just Shadow-Banned My Friend. Yes, I’m Angry.



After this recent post, I was perusing my Twitter account and came across something I found to be imponderable. Someone I’ve been following for quite a while now has been suddenly shadow-banned by the platform. For those that may be unaware of what shadow-banning constitutes, it is simply that those that do not follow you will ever see your tweets, and you may not be found by another user when using the search function. That’s essentially silencing a person.  This is a person I actually consider a friend, and not just on Twitter, we’ve actually spoken together. It’s disturbing to me and I wonder if this is not a step in the new rules Twitter is implementing as I wrote about in that post.

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Surviving Hate



So a friend online posted an article about how to deal with online mobs. As we’ve all witnessed, a tweet, a blog post, or a heavily edited video can, and often does, drive a certain quarter into outrage mode without stopping to think whether or not the person initially making the accusation/allegation is actually presenting the truth, or just what they want the rest of us to believe is the truth. That’s really the morbid side of social media. when one person can destroy another’s reputation simply because they disagree with what was said.

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Atheists Aren’t Angry


I’m not what is commonly referred to as an angry atheist. I’m not angry with anyone at all. I don’t actually care what most believers think about me, an atheist, and it shouldn;t bother anyone else either. Why should I be angry about being a non-believer? If anything, for all of us, it should allow us a portion of freedom from something that has always damned those that either didn;t believe, or believed differently.

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