Surviving Hate



So a friend online posted an article about how to deal with online mobs. As we’ve all witnessed, a tweet, a blog post, or a heavily edited video can, and often does, drive a certain quarter into outrage mode without stopping to think whether or not the person initially making the accusation/allegation is actually presenting the truth, or just what they want the rest of us to believe is the truth. That’s really the morbid side of social media. when one person can destroy another’s reputation simply because they disagree with what was said.

The article is titled A Guide to Surviving Your 15 Minutes of Hate and I highly recommend it if you haven’t already perused it by now. There is some good advice for anyone, like the author, who has been attacked by a mob online: mostly what you shouldn’t do in response. I’ve yet to have this experience, and I’m not expecting it, but who does? There were two specific pieces of advice that caught my eye. The first is , Accept That Reason Has Left The Room, meaning don’t engage the mob. It won’t get you anywhere. I would refer to it as not chumming the water when surrounded by sharks. The mob is waiting on it and nothing you can say, at least immediately will satisfy their blood thirst.

The next one is Build a War Room, which is really an excellent idea. Have your friends and family members monitor what’s happening online. One part of this I thought was interesting is the part where you read, or hear,, in a news report that the reporter states that you could not be immediately reached for comment, or even better, that they tried to contact you, and you didn’t immediately return their call.  Notice how in both examples, the word “immediately” is used. I’ve always found that suspicious because to me that means that, like the author of this article, no one actually attempted ( I actually know a person that experienced this), or that they did attempt, but then went to air, or press  based on a deadline. Maybe the person was out when they called. Plus, making a single attempt is not a good journalistic practice.

Saying, “We attempted several times to speak with [person] and our calls were not returned before [press/air] time would make the story more believable in my opinion. It’s not entirely the media’s fault though. They see something trending on Twitter and really want to get the story out – first – even though the story may be incomplete, or more likely, false..

It’s those that cannot  accept independent thought that are to blame. They are the ones that turn a tweet, or a blogpost, or a podcast into a form of hate, and those are the same ones that consider anything outside what they believe to be correct thought, heresy,  and they’ll be damned if they let anyone get away with anyone straying from the accepted narrative, whether that narrative is true or not.

It really is time that we put an end to episodes like the above linked article. We need to be able  to accept that others may have different views on topics in which we have some currency. We need to stop attacking and start debating.  In the end, no one wins with the former and everyone becomes enlightened with the later.


8 thoughts on “Surviving Hate

  1. For me, I usually try to make one or two attempts to bring the conversation back to sanity. But after that.. it’s not worth the time or effort anymore


  2. Twitter may be the worst thing to ever happen to intelligent discourse since FaceBook. Dear Gawd!

    I will stick to the old style forums, where usually people take more time to consider and there are often TOS that can be brought forth to smack down those who go off their rockers. Yet, many atheist/skeptic forums rapidly took on the idea that only those toeing the proper line were worthy of being allowed to communicate.

    I refuse to rush my arguments and discussion. I limit my online time. I read actual books, as well, and we do not have television. Life is too swift to not spend it slowly and with much involvement in the matter at hand.

    Nice blog, though, Jim. And, thanks for the previous blog’s link to hate crimes. Yup, they just keep on coming and getting more and more ridiculous. Do people think they have thought of something new when they decide to commit hoaxes, such as these?

    I guess we are bound to continue until full singularity, but there are choices we each can make for ourselves and our children to limit our involvement in that which diminishes human reasoning.


    • Thanks. I use Twitter for 2 reasons: When I publish a blog post, it’s automatically tweeted and helps to drive my viewrship(some). The second reason is to connect with some other atheists. I’ve found a few that I really enjoy having a diaglogue with on occassion.
      Well, there is a 3rd, but it’s minor: I tweet interesting articles I’ve recently read. No idea in the main if anyone likes them or click on the link, but what the hey.


  3. Yeah, well ignore the hate, it brings nothing but anxiety. One of the nicest things I did for myself this past year was to take a serious break from the internet.


    • I did that in 2015. I stopped blogging, deleted my Twitter account. I came back to Twitter after the 2016 election because I wanted to see if what I witnessed on TV was happening online. It was, but worse. I had about a year and a half away. I came back mainly because I actually enjoy blogging, and I missed it. It isn’t so much how many views I receive as that I can sit here and write about my thoughts on current topics. If people like what I write, Great! If not, oh well, I’ll still write.


  4. I understand. I enjoy commenting on blogs and extending the conversation if I can. It is a stress reducer for me most of the time, but taking time off is good too. Cruising is nice…totally disconnect. LOL


  5. Hi Rickey. Well, you are no child, but you have posted this on the wrong blog. I don’t think you even read this particular blog. Use your mind and don’t accept drivel, such as the opinion you posted on that site. Learn something about Conservative Atheists…and atheism in general, too. Your notions make you appear young and foolish and I suspect you are neither.


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