Putting the Shovel Down

By now I think that most people, that actually care, or at least have looked on the Internet or watched TV recently, have heard that Whoopi Goldberg, one of the hosts of ABC televisions long-time daytime talk show, The View, has been suspended for two weeks from the show for making horrific statements about the holocaust, then trying at least twice on national TV shows to clean up what she had said instead of just dropping the shovel and saying ”I’m sorry”.

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Defending Yourself From a Cancellation Attack

I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but there’s an article in Psychology Today I think we all should read and consider.

Take a look, please comment on the site but I’d also be interested in your comments here, Here’s the link. Don’t be bashful. It’s good stuff from a friend of mine that has had the experience of people attempting to cancel him for his opinions.

Maybe It’s Time to Delete Our Social Media Presence. Maybe Not.

So, I’m not going to discuss, much anyway, the debacle that occirred recently at out nation’s capitol. Let me just say I was shocked by the behavior of some people and was saddened at the same time that this is what our country has devolved to in the past few years. There is no reason for violent demonstrations of any kind, by any ideologues of any type. It accomplishes absolutely nothing in the short term, and males people that may have had sympathy for a cause, walk away.

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We Need to Cancel Cancel Culture



I read a very good piece by Cathy Young in the NY Daily News about the obsession of people, especially online to cancel those they may disagree with. It’s become known as Cancel Culture. If for some reason a person disagrees or acts in a way that some part of society disagrees with, then they. must be de-platformed – not allowed a voice in civil society. It’s shameful that we’ve come to this point where we may not agree with another person and call for them to not only be silenced, but ostracized within society.

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