Giving The Catholic Church a ‘By’



I’ve been writing about the abuses in the Catholic Church for a while. Just do a search from the Home Page here using “Catholic Church” and you’ll discover at least seven posts since the middle of August. This will the the eighth. What I don’’t understand is what appears to be the lack of outrage over these abuses and it seems like every few weeks or months, another one is discovered. Of course it’s easy to ignore because of the news cycle. within seventy-two hours after initial reports, the latest outrage has virtually disappeared. I would think that the sheer number of abuse victims – including Nuns – would keep these stories front and center if not with the media, then the general public.

all of us, by not keeping up the pressure on the Catholic Church, are doing exactly what they (the Church) want to happen. The latest outrage fades away  to oblivion and it’s business as usual for them. Of course some will say that as an atheist, I’m just out to do whatever I can to destroy religious belief. Far from it; I don;t care what people believe.. All I ask is that whatever someone believes, they don’t try and force me, or anyone else to accept.

The Catholic Church is different in that their abuses seem to be endemic of their belief system and it disgusts me. Imagine if anything like the sexual assault and raping of Nuns happened in any multinational corporation, and was known and covered up by the leadership. How long would they stay in business? Not long, and that same leadership wouldn’t be given the offer to resign their positions, they’d be living in the Graybar Hotel. Yes, there have been priests convicted of abuse, but when we look at the sheer numbers of reported (mostly self-reported, by the way, so we have no idea of the actual extent), it seems to me there should be many more enjoying the recreational facilities of prison.

I’ll keep writing about this,  and I hope other bloggers would do so occasionally as well. Those atheist YouTube sites may also keep these abuses in their viewers minds when they are able. Online, I see more about church/state issues than I do about a major religions’ institutional sexual abuse of women and children. Is a crucifix monument on public land more important? Maybe. Then again, shouldn’t sexual abuse get at least the same amount of space? At least.

I’m sure this post will receive a similar number of views as the others have in the  past: few. It is strange to me that no one really seems to care about sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.  The media don’t seem to care, but the general public should and our attention should not be driven by those that would protect what’s clearly a criminal organization.



One thought on “Giving The Catholic Church a ‘By’

  1. Maybe eventually between this long running scandal and Pope Francis, the Catholic Church will begin to lose their members in droves. Then again, anywhere there is a power frame, the lower on the scale you are, the more likely you are to be abused in every manner.

    Change is gradual, but never more so than when the supporters of the power are those abused by the power.


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