Diagnosing Gender Dysphoria


So, earlier while perusing my Twitter feed, I came across an interesting YouTube video of a young woman who had previously began transitioning to a man, but was now in the process of de-transitioning. The video rambles a bit but is worth a watch. Why? This young woman, I think, should never had been allowed to begin hewr transition at all.  You xan watch the vide, here.

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Why Reading is Important


Child reading  pile of books.

This is a subject I’ve wanted to write about for years. Why I haven’t until now? Well, other topics rose to the top of my list and I have always pushed it back down thinking no one is really interested in this topic. Buy we all should. It’s increasingly obvious over the years that, generally, people don’t read anymore. There are friends of mine that are , or seem to be astute in several areas but when asked they tell me they received the information from some television program. I’m not saying that’s bad, but if someone wants to become a Subject Matter Expert, even as an amatier on. something, they need to read.

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More Revelations About Catholic Priest Abuse of Children



I know I said at one time I was going to continue to write about the Catholic Church and the abuses, over decades, of children. I’ve been negligent. It’s not as if in the interim that the church has come out and blamed the victims or that more recently, blamed gay priests for all of the abuses over time.  I found in both of those instances how little, if any media coverage those outrageous statements received in the media. If I were a conspiracy theorist, I might tend to believe that media are covering for child abusers.

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Poor Parenting to Make a Point



Some stories in the bible, I just don’t get and never have. I often wonder how, when I was a Christian, I used to sit in church and, at least in the beginning, never question certain scripture that was being read that day. We all just seemed to take for granted that there was some larger meaning, interpreted for us of course, that we were just too dense to understand.

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Do You Love Your Children?




Something I often think about, when I’m around friends with children is who these children really are. By that I mean, do these parents, my friends, shuffle their kids out in front of their friends only for show, or is there a real relationship between them? Sometimes, I’m unsure. It’s easy to parade your offspring and most people actually do this, but to what effect?

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