No More Lockdowns, Mandates, or Threats

Like many of you, I think about this pandemic, and our collective response(s) to it often. I’m not obsessed, it’s just hard to get away from whenever you turn on the news or yes, your computer to look at stories that are trending. They all seem to be pandemic related. Canada? Just today I read that there was a serious look at moving the military in to break up the protestors. How about a few days before when GoFundMe attempted to steal monies donated to those same protestors?

Today, turning on the news in the morning, I’m seeing where more states (New Jersey, Delaware, among others) are dropping all remaining restrictions, like masking (in schools especially), allowing people as much as possible return to their normal lives. I’m at times amazed to hear some of our elected and unelected officials feign surprise or shock that there may be people who do not believe them anynore and that some of the same are angry that they’ve been put through so much over a disease with an effective survival rate of 99.5%, sans vaccine.

Almost weekly, we are shown one example after another of our officials not obeying the very mandates they have inflicted upon the remainder of the population. Too many examples to go through here, but I’m certain you are able yo look up some very recent ones that occurred in Los Angeles, can’t you? While the rest of us were not permitted certain social functions, these people seemed oblivious that in some cases, they had signed Executive Orders to impliment restrictions it turned out that none of them had any desire to obey those orders themselves. I guess officials keep forgetting that most every person on the planet has a phone with photo and video capture (at high pixel rates!) included. Walk down the street or dine indoors without a mask, someone’s likely to have captured those events in video, and are hotly posing on the net.

there are folks out there that instead of writing hundreds of words, put what is going on more succently:

That photo is perfect and angers people more than the idea it reflects. Imagine smiling in front of a large group of, what? five year olds? What message does that send. But it’s the tweet itself that is damning and everyday more and more people are discovering that what’s being said here and in other venues is the truth. And that’s all anyone is asking for aren’t they? The truth about the pandemic. I think we can handle it and no one needs to be treated as a child. Stop with the lies and the goalpost moving and you’ll (government) start receiving a lot more respect than what you have right now.

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