Listening to Disparate Voices

I noticed a thread in Twitter recently that open criticized Joe Rogan’s use of expertise in his shows about COVID. One interview was with one of the researchers that had helped discover/develop mRNA technology for vaccines, the other was an eminent cardiologist/epidemiologist. The tweeter, an M.D. himself had problems with these interviews and of course the people being interviewed.

I was set back a bit. No, I had not heard either three-plus hour show, but I have seen both of the doctors on television, specifically Fox News, discussing COVID and taking, in some instances, very different views based on their background and experience versus what we were all hearing from the government. I personally thought it was good to hear dissenting voices as it has always worried me when all voices were in concert. Sure it’s possible to have total agreement, but it’s rare in any profession and medicine? Well we already knew that because of the way the government, sometimes every day or two, would revise recommendations that there was a lot going on behind the scenes that the general public was unaware of.

Something that really caught my attention was this doctor’s asking why rogan didn’t bring in doctoprs and nurses from the froont lines of this virus – those that had treeated patients? Good question and it made me go a bit further: Why not bring in his medical team that he credits with saving his life? What a great show that would be and actually could be done without disclosing private medical information.

I know one reason he interviewed who he did: it was to discuss alternative therapies that NIH, CDC and FDA disapproved if (hydorxychloriquine, ivermectin) and the efficacy of the current vaccine protocol. More than a few people have questions on both of these and it’s odd to many that our president seems to refuse to discuss anything but vaccines, ignoring therapies and even something known as natural immunity, where people who have recovered from COVID many become immune from ever contracting the disease again. We know now that initially the government lied to us about the vaccines providing the same. Why would you need a booster?

I still don’t think Rogan has anything to apologize for and I believe he should be able to talk to whoever he wants on any topic that interests him, and his audience. When we step back and think abpout the last teo years, why would anyone take the word of the government on any treatment for any disease? they got this wrong at every step and maybe, maybe had they not been so eager to denounce some treatments which we all now know do work, there might be more people alive today.

We could all do better disseminating information to others, keeping out especially any political or ideological bias, and we should strive more to do just that. We can’t do it by silencing voices we don’t want to hear. We need, oin some cases, especially in ones like this, to hear every voice that may be able to add to the resolution and not dismiss them because of our own bias.

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