Words Inciting Violence?



It hasn’t occurred overnight. It’s been coming for a long time and those that haven’t recognized what’s been going on now for a few years are either incapable of noticing a sea change or are willfully ignorant. What I’m referring to is the idea that words are violence and criticizing someone because of what they’ve said or done is inciting violence against that person. We’ve just heard this explicitly from Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) when  defending her fellow democrat, Ilhan Omar (D-MN) over a statement made in a speech where she referred to what happened on September 11, 2001, as some people did something.

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Surviving Hate



So a friend online posted an article about how to deal with online mobs. As we’ve all witnessed, a tweet, a blog post, or a heavily edited video can, and often does, drive a certain quarter into outrage mode without stopping to think whether or not the person initially making the accusation/allegation is actually presenting the truth, or just what they want the rest of us to believe is the truth. That’s really the morbid side of social media. when one person can destroy another’s reputation simply because they disagree with what was said.

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Atheist Organizations are an Embarrasment


I don’t know how many reading this have paid any attention to the confirmation hearings in D.C. for Bret Kavanaugh to be the next Associate Justice to the Supreme Court, but what a circus it has been. People here, some of the same that are ring- mastering, are the same ones that daily call Trump an embarrassment to our country (and yes, he can be) are showing the world  nothing different in this hearing.

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Democrats: Move On

As I was having coffee this morning, I was checking my Twitter feed a saw dozens of tweets/retweets with this headline:

Dozens of electors join demand for intelligence briefing on Russia before Electoral College vote

A link to an article in The Hill was attached. When I got around to actually looking at the article, I discovered that what was being tweeted out is a bit misleading.

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