Maybe Being a Luddite Isn’t So Bad

Sometimes the Internet seems to be too much trouble to deal with on a daily, basis. Or at all, ever. It’s become so important to our lives though, in many ways, that it would be almost impossible, or at least very inconvenient, to be without it. There have been those days though when I think I may give it a try. But then, I’d give up a phone (VOIP) that I use as my primary voice connection to the outside world. Sure I have a cell phone, but I rarely use it.

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The Mob Might Come for You



Is it time for all of us to take a second look at social media and how we all use it? Maybe. I’ve been on Twitter since 2011 and although I left for a while (because I became an addict) I still find these platforms as useful. I see a lot of diverse opinions about everything political and social and to be honest, even though I may not agree with a particular persons take on something, it makes me stop and think.

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