Should Government be Able to Suppress Speech it Doesn’t Approve of?



Should the government, any government that claims to be for freedom of speech openly advocate for the opposite simply because they happen to dislike a person, consider them a racist and a bigot? Before anyone answers, think about it as it may apply to you. You speak out  on a subject the government would rather you didn’t. Maybe you’ve been arrested for just openly advocating for what you believe is true. I’m not saying that people who incite violence on others should not be prosecuted, but what about those that just say that something, whatever it is, is evil?

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The Lunacy Continues


I’m fairly certain I haven’t heard so much screeching about a possible Supreme Court nominee ever in my lifetime. The pending retirement of Justice Kennedy has the left so freaked out, its even inspired some of their allies in the media to predict the doom of America and the rollback of basic civil rights.

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