Being a “Racial Terrorist”


I have, it seems, exceeded my wildest dreams as a social media user: I am now considered a racial terrorist. No, I’m not joking and I found it amusing that I was mentioned in a list of just awful people (being facetious here). the mention comes from a comment on a friends blog that she happily tweeted out to us. It stems from a conversation several of us were having on Twitter concerning a writer for an unknown (to me at least) online publication that seemed to be attacking our mutual friend, Sarah Braasch, ad nauseam.  If anyone here is still unfamiliar with Sarah’s story, just do a search on her name from my homepage. You can also look at SkepticReview  for other blog posts concerning her situation.

It seems we made the terrible mistake, offense if you will, of criticizing the writer and then (heaven forbid!) actually mentioning his name! Somehow, all of this equates to racial terrorism. Any minute now, I’m expecting Homeland Security to break down my fron door. Or worse, to have my Twitter account either suspended or even banned for life. I don’t knpw if I would be able to survive either one, especially the latter. If you’re interested, here’s the comment that skepticReview tweeted out. So that you may recognize me, I bolded my mention:

I just wanted to give you an update. I wanted to let you know that Twitter is now reviewing your account and the accounts of Janice Brauner, Kate Justice, Cathy Young, Scott Greenfield, someone named Outwest and Lee Jussim. They are reviewing these accounts for instances of harassment and racial terrorism… It’s best advised to delete those tweets …

As I said, I was amused being mentioned, but also a little hurt that this person didn’t take the time to try and identify me. My friend @skepticreview89 referred to that as a micro aggression. Maybe I should be reporting that person for that offense.   It’s more interesting though to be referred to as a racial terrorist. It’s not that in the last year or two that I haven’t had the charge of being a racist  made against me, or to many others I interact with on social media. Being called racist is something that has lost all meaning to me because, if you’re born white, you are inherently a racist. We’re all (white people) born, raised, and educated as racists and what we all are required to do by some is recognize that inbred racism and spend our days flailing our evil; caucasian skin for the tragedy of being born the way we were.

A decade or so ago, I would probably have been indignant being accused of being a racist but, as I said, it’s so often tossed around that it’s lost any power of meaning it once held. Daring to criticize a person of color for legitimate reasons will often bring that label   to bear. But this is the society we live in today and although I reject the constant bellowing of those on the left that want to censor thought and speech, to control the information we consume or produce, I’d like to remind them that currently, in the US, every top tier candidate in the Democratic Primary is white.  So, my regressive amigos, no matter which candidate you support, by your own standard, they are all racists which then means what? Well, you support a racist and no matter your race or ethnicity, supporting a racist, again by your own standard, makes you a racist as well.

Adding terrorist to the equation does nothing but make the accuser more foolish. As far as I know, I’ve never tweeted a threat to anyone. I may mock a person, but I have never used language that would cause anyone to believe I wished them any physical harm in any way. None of those listed above, as far as I’m aware, have done anything like that either, Some may not like what we may say, they are always welcome on my feed, even here in the comments, to disagree with me. Who knows? I might actually be wrong. I think that’s happened a few times in my life and I am always eager to rationally discuss any topic that I have a modicum of knowledge of and if I don’t, I’ll admit as much.

Going online, in any format, and making blind accusations toward people you don’t know  and have never interacted with isn’t helpful and won’t lead to anything other than furthering ignorance. it’s


6 thoughts on “Being a “Racial Terrorist”

  1. I’ll admit having no idea what “racial terrorism” means. It sounds made up. Anyway, I hope you don’t end up in Twitter jail (unless you are looking for an excuse to take a break or something).


  2. This is why it is so important for people to understand how dangerous it is that state legislatures across the US are trying to criminalize allegedly racist motives for dialing 911. These laws are grossly unconstitutional. This is why hate crime legislation is dangerous. And, Democrats are now calling (before Congress) for federal hate crimes to be prosecuted for as acts of terrorism. So, now you are a terrorist for exhibiting wrong speak and wrong think. Stray but a hair from Woke intersectional Feminism dogma, and you are a terrorist. Is the US government going to start putting people to death for wrong speak and wrong think? If you call 911, do you risk being labeled a racial terrorist?

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    • I’ve always disliked the whole “hate crime” or “bias crime” that has come about in the last 30 years. I mean, an assault is an assault no matter the race or sexual orientation os of someone. The same with. murder. Instead of adding on years to a sentence when there should be tough sentences in either case. Why add another charge? It is part of the “woke” justice system that has come about.


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