Is the U.S. Looking for a Fight

Russian Troops at Ukrainian Border

As I write this, I am viewing Jake Sullivan, the president’s National Security Advisor, giing a briefing to the White House Press corps concerning the situation with the Russian buildup and possible invasion of Ukraine. Let me be clear: He’s lying his ass off. How do I know this? I’ve heard all of this before and these dumbasses that are now in charge of our national security concerns, are really bad at it.

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Honoring Those That Deserve Honor




It always upsets me when people claim to be what they never were. There have been many people who’ve claimed to be war veterans, Rangers, SEALs, Marine Recon, etc., that never were. It’s known today as “Stolen Valor”. I know it’s easy for some to claim something without proof. In fact, it is we, the public, their neighbors and friends that allow this to occur.

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