The History Channel Misses the Point

Memorial Day is a holiday in America that honors those men and women who wore the uniform that made the ultimate sacrifice. We want to remember those heroes that didn’t come home. Sometimes I believe during our barbecues and parties that we forget the reason for the holiday.

It’s interesting to me that there are many people that do not understand what this day is about. I would think though, that a TV channel that is called History, would absolutely understand what this day is all about.

They don’t.

Today I’ve been watching the History Channel, catching up on a series, “Six”, a drama about members of SEAL Team Six. Its well written and acted, in my opinion, but during the commercial breaks, the channel has been running what I could only call a Public Service Announcement.

The PSA has a boatload of celebrities honoring our Veterans. It’s a heartfelt message but the message misses what Memorial Day is all about. This is a message better saved for Veterans Day.

It’s an insult to those that made that ultimate sacrifice, and their familes, and a channel that calls itself History should at least know the difference.

They need to take down this PSA as soon as possible.

One thought on “The History Channel Misses the Point

  1. I’ve seen that PSA, and I just saw another one doing something similar on a different channel last night. I can’t remember which channel it was, but I remember thinking that they had confused Memorial Day and Veterans Day. In fact, the one I saw was all about Veterans. Strange.


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