Is the U.S. Looking for a Fight

Russian Troops at Ukrainian Border

As I write this, I am viewing Jake Sullivan, the president’s National Security Advisor, giing a briefing to the White House Press corps concerning the situation with the Russian buildup and possible invasion of Ukraine. Let me be clear: He’s lying his ass off. How do I know this? I’ve heard all of this before and these dumbasses that are now in charge of our national security concerns, are really bad at it.

Why this dire briefing on a Friday afternoon while saying they don’t know for sure that Putin has made up his mind concerning the when of an invasion? The biggest issue with the response, especially from this idiot behinf the lectern, is that the U;S., along with western allies, could have already taken steps to prevent this from happening to begin with? How? By imposing strangulation-level sanctions on the Russian economy. The U.S. could, with a literal snap of fingers, stop all of this pretense, now.

That this hasn’t happened means it most likely won’t. Yes, you heard ne. Any sanctions imposed post invasion will end up being watered down that will inconvenience Russia for sure, but will mean nothing as to what looks to be an eventuality. This administration is so incompetent (remember the Afghanistan ”withdrawal”?)that it is absolutely possible that Biden would be fooled into a hot engagement with the Russian army which is all the pretext Russia would need for an extended ground war against NATO. With NATO being in such turmoil (Germany), it’s impossible to know what type of response, if any, would occir.

Putin is cagey. Biden is stupid. Remember that if nothing else.

One thought on “Is the U.S. Looking for a Fight

  1. Jake Sullivan is a weasel and a Niedermayer. In another life, he’d have been sporting silver lightning bolts on his collar.

    At this point, we need to stop surmising, and work on the premise that, from Biden on down, our government is chock full of ChiCom Fifth Columnists.


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