Censorship and Bias on Twitter



Recently, on The Joe Rogan Experience (podcast) he again had Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO along with Tim Pool, and independent journalist joined by Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s top layer and also in charge of Trust and Safety to discuss what appears to some as a left-wing bias at Twitter towards conservatives on the platform. The podcast itself was terrific, and very long, but if anyone hasn’t had the opportunity to listen to it, it’s well worth. the investment of time.

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To Podcast or Not


I’ve been thinking for a while about hosting a podcast. I like the idea as when I first came online, I was a host on a popular show called “Chill Girls in Pink Corvettes”. We had a lot of fun and if you don’t understand the reference, at the time, there was a lot of feminists complaing about certain colors for boys versus girls. Also that, if you were a woman that disagreed with anything they said, you were a “Chill Girl”.

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