Podcaster Tells Audience, “Vote Republican”

I on’t know how much celebrity endorsements affect voting patterns, but there sure seem to be more than a few when we’re in election season. Personally, I could care less who the endorser may be. I vote for the person that comes closest advocating for issues that I am interested in having become law. I’m usually not surprised by most of the endorsements as we have the same old Hollywood crowd coming out for the democrats on the ticket. It doesn’t matter to them that the candidate(s) being endorsed happen to advocate for policies that actually harm the middle and working classes because, being rich, none if it will actually affect them (think climate change). So, surprise, surprise, another celebrity, this time a poscaster has come to make an endorsement – not of a particular candidate, but of a party. If you haven’t already heard, Joe Rogan has told his audience they should vote Republican this fall. Why? What he called “errors” in how they handled COvID-19. That’s probably enough a reason as more people have died under Biden than in the midst of the pandemic under Trump. Will Rogan have an effect over any voters? Probably some, but I doubt his messaging would be enoughto actually change the outcome of any races that are close.

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