Mocking: Maybe You Deserve It

Online, some people want to play a victim constantly.

You know what I referring to don’t you? All men are sexists harassers, misogynists and just don’t understand what women have to deal with on a daily basis.

Those women that try to stand up and tell them their wrong? Those women are labeled the same. That’s strange to me. Women are also labeled chill girls meaning that they’re dismissing sexism. I don’t think they’re doing that at all.

No one can have a dialogue with the special ones because, especially as men, we’re told to Shut Up and Listen as if we have no right to an opinion. We do have opinions. They might even be sympathetic if someone were willing to talk.

There’s that word: dialogue. Whenever anyone man or woman suggests that, that person is met with derision. There’s nothing to “dialogue about”. It’s settled. Having any other point of view is misogyny.

Some of the worst of it that I see online is towards other women. I guess these special ones are not surprised men will object to their ideas of equality and sexism, but another woman? Sister Punisher.

So what’s the result of all of this? Lot’s of online derision back their way. Some of it is harsh. Is it deserved? Even though I participate in the mockery, it’s never meant to be cruel. It’s more of a tonic for me.

Should we stop mocking the special ones? I’m divided. Sometimes I believe we should just ignore these people and then one of them says something so stupid that I have to respond.

It doesn’t help the overall situation but I feel much better afterwards. I think that right now, that’s the tack I’m going to take

2 thoughts on “Mocking: Maybe You Deserve It

  1. I am also conflicted on the ignore or respond question. If the goal was to modify their behavior and one was willing to accept slow progress over a long period of time, I tend to think that ignoring them is the best option. Deprived of attention, they would likely move on eventually.

    On the other hand, responding to the truly stupid stuff (even with mockery) might help others avoid falling for their game in a way that ignoring them wouldn’t. And it might also help to discredit them over time just like any other bad idea.


    • I used to truly believe that by ignoring them, they’d eventually pack up and move on. They won’t let us ignore them because they always want to manufacture something. (ome accusation ( Benson’s recent hand-waving with GSC) or accusing someone of rape.
      In my small way, this is the most I can do right now. Inform people of the stupid that exists in the community.


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