Getting Back to Basics



For some reason, being an atheist is no longer sufficient for some. Even organizations like American Atheists have gone fully into the spectrum of social justice. Maybe because membership is declining (I don’t have any data on this) that they think they have to expand their charter to attract and younger, more activist, demographic. It’s no longer acceptable to just being an atheist, and those of us that are, are sometimes referred to as dinosaurs because being an atheist, att least to the few of us that remain, simply means a non-belief in god(s) and nothing else.

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Does Atheism Define You?



I don’t know about everyone else out there, but I’m often asked by people about what social issues I support or don’t support. I know it’s probably common, but in my case, these are atheists asking. My first reaction is it’s none of your business, but I never actually say that, I usually deflect as I really am not interested in those conversations. It seems though that a lot of atheists are; That’s okay, I don’t begrudge anyone anything, but I fail to recognize the relevance  in relation to being an atheist.

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Having an Honest Conversation



I was recently involved in a thread on Twitter concerning those that we have referred to, at least in the past, as Social Justice Warriors (SJW’s). I found that, along with myself there are many more that refuse to engage with those people because it never leads anywhere due to the fact (as I see it) the conversation is not honest. We can have disagreements, and often do, but the exchange should never devolve into name calling, even threats.

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Pre-Game Celebration is Offensive

I’m not a huge fan of American football. I used to be, but because it takes so long to play a game, I find I don’t really want to take nearly half a day to sit and watch a game on television anymore. One of the rituals that some teams have is a sort of victory dance in the end zone when they score a touchdown. It seems to excite the crowd and players as well.
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