Its Time for the Fifty to Step In

It may be that the thing many have been discussing for some years now, regulating ”Big Tech”, is about to begin. I don’t think a federal solution is required. In fact, the feds becoming involved would only gum things u and leave whatever new law more fungible than the last because those legislators in Washington are far more willing to compromise with those same companies because those legislators are more flexible (ca-ching!) toward big business than the average state.

When GoFundMe initially decided it was going to confiscate the monies donated to the Canadian protestors in Ottawa and distribute those monies to whatever charity they decioded was worthhile, it woke a few state governors, and attorneys general up for action. GoFundMe has since decided to refund each persons donation. Too late for a company that itself is funded by taking a small part of each donation package for themselves, not to mention the utter hypocrisy of the same compny allowing massive donations to go to violent demonstrators like Anti-Fa and BLM a short two summers ago. Billions in burned and looted businesses, over 30 murders. But according to the media, these were ”mostly peaceful” protests.

Of course, the deplorables in Canada (as described by their own PM) have not committed any acts of violence and in fact, the only violent act so far has been from an anti protestor that drove his jeep into a crowd of protestors, injuring four. Seems a bit strange that Go FundMe would cancel a legitimate fundraiser for trly peaceful protestors while allowing violent marxist anarchists to receive all sorts of funding through their website. Maybe it’s about to all come crashing down and on the day it happens, it will be recorded historically as the day the left began to die from their own poison.

It’a just a few states right now but imagine companies who’ve already decided who the good guys are, having to navigate 50 separate mine fields to do business in the U.S. I thin it’s time and I am one that has ben calling for this for a few years now. the rules individual states come up with will naturally be a little different because states have different interests in regulating ”Big Tech”.for some it’s as simple as free speech.For others it’s that they cannot arbitrarily set rules that come into conflict with state statutes, state or the federal constitution. those are the ones that will cost each of these companies a of of money just to navigate, then have different levels of penalties applied for each infraction. Note heads exploding in board rooms everywhere when companies become liable for their own decisions.

I’m not advocating for anything draconian, at least initially, just some rules to get the attention of these companies, but also make them clear enough where no one can wiggle out of their responsibility (the company or the state). We need to have platforms that treat every user the same and not decide what content is allowed based on media stories or just lain old ideology.

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