House of Lies Begins its Collapse

I think most of us realized we were being gaslit by the government when after a few months into the “pandemic” there had been so much information self contradicted, sometimes within the same day, that people began to suspect that we were not being told the entire truth, if there was any truth to what was being said at all. Reputable scientists, not employed by the government laid out facts that could just not be dismissed, although out government dod a;; they could to prevent these dissenters from being heard including colluding with Big Tech to quash anything unapproved by the CDC, FDA, or NIH. By the end of 2020, it was clear to a lot of people that there was some sort of coverup going on but no one could really understand why our own leaders would choose to deceive us in the midst of a contagion that had most og the country shutdown for more than a year. I began questioning when the riots that summer began and we were told that those riots would not become “super spreaders”. What? People were being arrested all of the country for just walking together in pairs and thousands of rioters were not considered a danger to the public as to the virus? The final nail for me was the letter signed by over 1100 epidemiologists and virologists stating just that. I knew then the whole story was whole cloth. Now it looks like some in the media that had attacked those that questioned, are now questioning themselves.

Elon Begins by a Fact Check

I’m fine with this, Just a day after taking ownership of Twitter, they fact-check the @POTUS account, Of course Biden lied. Everything coming out of his mouth is a lie, How about the “vote” on student loans that never happened? It was an Executive Order, congress never voted on it and if they did, it would never have passed/ When he claims that in 2020 via Twittr, that 55 companies paid no Federal tax, well it’s just too easy to verify, isn’t it? Maybe Joe’s staff should fact-check theselves befre putting anything out in Joe’s name. It is a lie and foolish to believe that thee would be no one to validate that claim. That it’s now Twitter, who did everything possible in 2920 tp protect Biden, well, about time. Think we’d see this without change of ownership?

The Dems are Pouring Millions

Into Arizona as their least favorite opponents (Kari Lake for Governor, Blake Masters for Senate). I cab hardly turn on the TV now without seeing anti-Lake and Masters advertisements. Like most places, I’d guess, they even have “Republican” voters on screen saying they are going to vote for the Democrat.The ultimate “Hail Mary” in politics but not surprising as the Democrats, a month ago, were certain to win both offices. After the floor mopping Masters did at his debate with Kelly and Hobbs refusal to debate Lake at all, the numbers have switched with Lake in the lead by 11 and Masters tied or ahead (depending on the poll), have the DNC knowing that nt only will they lose the House, but probably the Senate as well.

Being Truthful

When it’s all said and done, then be done. Stop apologizing for telling the truth. There. That’s my philosophy of life. Well, not completely but its close. I.m exhausted of being scolded by someone only to her, later, they didn’t really mean wht they said. Then why was iy said? Surely at some point it was believed to be true. Maybe it’s because instead of coming across as a caring compassionate person, the speech resonates with a total disregard for the other person to even the point of hate. So yes, if you remonstrated with someone , even for a brief second, you meant it, Trying to undo the knot just tied makes you look even worse to everyone round,

The Democrats Fatal Mistake

Is when they chose to focus their 2022 hopes on abortion and “January 6”. When SCOTUS ruled on Dobbs and reversed Roe V Wade, Democrats across the country knew that the red wave” would be blue instead. Along with their media lapdogs, and produced out of Hollywood, were the January 6 Commission “hearings” which no matter how hard they tried, no one believed were bi-partisan. Inflation, crime, immigration, education? No one cares about those, do they? This election is about a Woman’s Right to Choose and ,ugh, Donald Trump. Of course, the multimillionaires in Congress (both parties) have mostly forgotten what it’s like to live payday to payday and believe that some social issue or some media contrived event is what will motivate people to vote to keep them. in power. Instead, families are concerned about feeding their kids = even baby formula is mostly unavailable – guess what the votrs across th country are more concerned about? The “October Surprise” for the Democrats is that no one cares about any of their core issues and people are ontpo their con, finally.