Does Being an Atheist Define You as a Person?

My being an atheist does not in any way describe me as a person.

Yeah, I’m one of those evil, despicable, Dictionary Atheists. Some
might want you to believe that’s this is a horrible position to take; that being an atheist means more than a non belief in gods. It doesn’t. Being an atheist also doesn’t mean that it doesn’t inform you as a person. For me, this all depends on the person.
Some want to believe that atheism is a movement. Well, it might indeed be, but I don’t see it. It’s a personal revelation, at least it was for me, that all that crap from theism was just not supportable by any evidence that we currently have. So when I hear people referring to being an atheist with a movement, I of course go gutter. Are they talking about bowel movements? That’s the only movement that I have on a daily basis that I can readily ascribe to.
What some are talking about though is not being an Atheist, but about attaching their personal ideology to being an Atheist. When you hear about “Movement Atheism”, be wary. Those that discuss that probably won’t consider you an ally in any sense of the word.
Why not? Some have particular political and social agendas that you may not actually hold yourself. No one should give up themselves to someone else’s personal beliefs just to become part of what may be considered the in crowd.
I always think for myself. I listen carefully to what others say no matter the political or social stripe, and decide whether or not the person I listening to or reading is worth a damn. Honestly? Some aren’t worth your or my time. Some want you to take whatever they have to say as Gospel. Sounds like religion to me. Some
use the fallacy of the Appeal to Authority, as if they know what the rest of us should think.
Take care of what you read and hear. Use your own intelligence and experience to discern whether or not what another is trying to convince you of is true or not. It may be for that person, and maybe for a few of their cult followers, but does it mean you have to buy into everything some popular blogger or writer tells you? No. Be your own person. Define for yourself what your life is all about. Don’t give in to those that want to place you on the outside of the “group” of Atheists because you won’t drink some specific flavor of KoolAid.
Don’t let others define for you what being an Atheist means. Find it for yourself. Your’s might be different than mine. That’s okay. Just be who you are and don’t listen to others that try to tell you who you have to be.
In fact, ignore this post.

4 thoughts on “Does Being an Atheist Define You as a Person?

  1. I’m an atheist as I don’t believe in deities. I don’t believe in deities because I’m a skeptic. My skepticism leads to my atheism, and the trail ends there.

    Still, being an atheist in part defines me as a person /my character. So does the fact that I(‘m):
    * Left-handed;
    * A Red Sox fan;
    * A liberal;
    * A libertine;
    * Saw The Who perform Quadrophenia live;
    * Drive an 88’ Silverado with a 454 and 3 on the the floor;
    * Train horses.

    The FtB fools think that, just cuz they can draw a circle labeled “Me!” around a random collection of attributes, those attributes somehow constitute an ‘ethos’ or a ‘philosophy.’ Bullshit. Most of those, like mine, are accidents of birth and experience. Just apply skepticism to all questions; and observe, remember, & compare; and all else follows.


  2. I think part of the reason people fear or hate Atheists is akin to a verse in an Aaron Tippin song(which I dislike: artist and song) “You have to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything”

    The social environment has far more to do with determining your personality and that includes religion. Part of the misconception of atheists as alluded to earlier is that a lot of theists view atheists as having no moral base or at least a consistent one which is a load of bollocks.


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