Conservatives Fear Being Labeled ‘Racist’!


Why do I say this? I’m responding to an article the the eminently accurate Magazine of Record for the Conformationally Biased, Mother Jones, tweeted by by good friend Al Stefanelli (with a “ph” – inside joke).

This article is mainly a quote from another article from something called the Pacific Standard (huh?) that states in part:

In conversation with conservatives, liberals risk being called naïve or willfully blind to potential threats—not very pleasant labels, but not especially damaging ones, either. In contrast, conservatives risk accusations of racism—and “being called a racist carries a particular cultural force,” the researchers write.

Of course the article in Mother Jones begins with referring to a new study, but then never cites the study one time. Who performed the study? What were the parameters of the study? Where can we, the reader find the study? Nothing. Just a lot of hyperbole that mounts to absolutely zero. There’s not even a link in the article to the one out of the Pacific Standard (huh?).

Are their conservative racists? Although I’ve never met one personally that I know of, I’m sure there are; just as I feel as certain that somewhere there are also liberal racists.
I also don’t know of any conservatives that fear the label of racist.If you’re not a racist, and no one can demonstrate anything a particular conservative has said or done as being racist, then why would anyone, of any political or ideological stripe be afraid of being referred to as a racist.

Conservatives have a huge problems with the two largest racial minorities in the country, Blacks and Hispanics, but I don’t believe it’s due to racism, but to political views.

Conservatives need to tune their message a lot. Unfortunately, the “conservatives” that represent us are what I have referred to in the past as neo-conservatives. Just look at what’s going on now in the country. Minorities are overwhelmingly in favor of the ACA, but the “conservatives” in Congress ar placing the country on the brink of financial disaster because they won’t even give the program a chance to either succeed or fail.

Wrong message to a constituency that they would like to win over.

None of that is racism though. In fact, unless someone is a member of a group that openly supports discrimination it’s really hard to determine if anyone is a racist. Yes, there are “closet racists”. Let me give you a quick primer on those I consider to be in that category.

“I’m not a racist, I have a lot of friends that are [ insert minority here].”
“I’m not a racist, my [insert minority here] and I went to a(n) [event] last weekend.”
And the one that really get’s me:
“I’m not a racist, I watch those shows on television that are [insert minority here] all the time!”

If you know anyone that makes remarks even remotely close to what I just wrote, then you have friends, no matter the ideology, that are fucking racist and if you don’t want to be labeled due to guilt by association, you need to avoid these people. Not like they have the plague or something, because you can be inoculated against that, but like their some sort of alien from a different planet.

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