Be a Better Skeptic in the New Year

I’ve been reading a few posts this year concerning the “state of atheism” for the new year.

I guess I must be dense because as I’ve written before, I don’t view Atheism as a Movement. It is and I believe always has been individuals either slowly or overnight coming to the realization that religion and belief in any of the supernatural isn’t rational. I don’t believe that any Atheist needs a Guide to Being a Good Atheist.
I really think that the more important “state” would be that of Skepticism. I don’t know about you, but in the past year I have seen so much nonsense in the media, specifically Reality Television that makes me wonder out loud what is happening to 21st century society where people will watch shows on the proof of mermaids, or bigfoot; and how many “ghost” shows are on T.V. now? I’ve lost count. These shows go on and on, season after season. It seems that every season there are at least 2 or 3 new ones. Now, networks don’t produce these shows without good reason . They have an audience.
IF you’re an Atheist and a Skeptic (I prefer to reverse those, choosing to first identify as a Skeptic) it’s the torrent of nonsense “science journalism” and Reality T.V. that should be more a focus for this new year.
Rather than debating a creationist on the age of the universe, or a Christian about the validity of the New Testament, I’d rather spend my time debunking the idiocy that is permeating society.
I’m not even sure what being a good Atheist really is because at least one blog I’ve recently read is really discussing being a rational person with all contacts. For me, this is more of an argument for Skepticism than Atheism. Or how about this? It’s really an argument for being a decent human being with those we come into contact with that might happen to disagree with us on any subject: political, social, scientific, etc.
I don’t find this an issue personally. I will admit having to bite my tongue on occasion because, you know sometimes there’s just so much stupid I can take. In those instances I just smile, “Whatever” and walk away. It’s not worth my time to remedially instruct adults on subjects they should have become familiar with by the time they finished high school.
So, instead of attempting be be better Atheists in the new year we should concentrate on being better Skeptics. Atheism is just a side note to Skepticism and as you know, not all Skeptics are Atheists.

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