JAQing Off

Well, it looks like someone is finally going to be able to speak with a representative of the Global Secular Council on Monday.

Reading the post announcing this spectacular event though, it comes across more as a list of demands rather than have a discussion. You know, like someone that has taken a hostage. But then, this person doesn’t have a hostage and the GSC has no responsibility to speak with her.

Let’s just take a look at one of the demands:

“ unblock the people they’ve blocked for asking them questions about the GSC”

Yes, this is an exact quote, punctuation and all.

Aren’t these the same people that routinely block people on Twitter from asking them questions when they determine that the comment or question is harassment?

What about the final demand?

“answer questions about the GSC”

Wait a minute! These are the same people, when asked questions on their blogs regularly ban people because of Just Asking Questions. What they have shortened to JAQing Off.
But it’s okay when we do it. That seems to be the attitude taken and actually always has been. And yes, they can refuse to answer question from anyone they determine as hostile . The GSC isn’t there to answer to you.

Since the first day this new organization was announced, these people have been nothing but hostile towards the founders. If you don’t want to participate, and at this point I’m sure everyone involved with the GSC is relieved The Usual Suspects aren’t involved then just ignore them. I’m sure they have plenty of supporters across the globe and probably won’t miss you.

Oh, there’s also a parting shot in another post that really has nothing to do with the GSC, it’s about the departure of Edwina Rogers from the SCA. It’s the last two paragraphs. What does that have to do with the subject of the post?

I hope someone at GSC reads those posts before Monday. Maybe, hopefully, they’ll cancel the “talk”. I would. I mean, what would be the purpose as these people will most likely never support the GSC? Why waste their time on whiney, hostile personalities?

Just Asking Questions.

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