Maybe Intent is Magic

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Intent is not magic” describing something someone wrote or said as being hurtful to a person or a group where no harm was intended.

In these days though, at least the last couple of years for me, it does seem that Intent IS Magic, meaning that anything anyone says, no matter how unoffensive, if at least one person believes it is harmful, magically denigrates an entire group or class.

We see this often with the Social Justice Warriors. You know of whom I refer. Two people, having what appears to start out a disagreement suddenly becomes an attack against an entire community. Then the dogpiling begins for the person who made the “inadvertent” comment.

So what’s the result of all of this? Some are afraid to make the most innocent comment less there turns up a single person that may take offense – even though that person was not the subject of the conversation, nor were they in the conversation to begin with.

I’m for ignoring these idiots.

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