Think For Yourself Much?

Do you ever read blogs, follow people on Twitter and friend people on Facebook that you disagree with? I’m not talking about crazies here, but mostly rational people that on certain topics, you might have a difference of opinion.

Most of what we see written online, sans scientific, or professional blogs, etc., are opinion. Sure there may be some scattered fact or other included, but do those facts add up to anything more than that persons opinion? Mostly not in my experience.

That’s why I take most of what I read online, or even read in the news, with a grain of salt. I won’t read one online article or blogpost and take what the author has written as gospel. I need more than one source and in fact, I want to look at dissenting sources as well.

What I see on occasion are people allowing others – hell, people they don’t even know – form their opinion for them. No critical thinking allowed here! Don’t question the smartest person in the room.

These types are nothing more that egotists and as long as their ego flame is fanned by their sycophants, the higher and more obnoxious they become. Sooner or later though, they make a mistake, say something so awful that even their most ardent disciples will desert them.

I always smile.

We need to start applying the basic principles of skepticism in our lives. Yeah, you hear me say that all the time.

Start thinking for yourself.

2 thoughts on “Think For Yourself Much?

  1. I often read blogs of those with whom I disagree. I am a liberal and make a point of reading what conservatives have to say on a variety of topics. I am an atheist and often read what religious believers have to say. I think a person who is practicing skepticism at its best is one who goes out of his or her way to hear what those of the opposing position have to say. The best skeptics evaluate and reflectively consider opposing arguments and make adjustments in their position when warranted by a compellingly convincing argument supported by evidence.


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