The Tea Party is Dead

Well, maybe not completely dead.

This evening, the House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor was defeated by a relative unknown, Dave Brat. This is what’s on the news right now. According to some of the talking heads, this has never happened before.

Cantor raised over $5 million for this primary and spent almost all of it. Brat? According to what I’m hearing, raised only $206,000 and spent about half of that. Even though the turnout was small for this primary, less than 70K votes cast, Brat won by 11 points.

What does this mean for the fall election or even any legislation getting through the House that Cantor supports for the remainder of the year? Probably nothing passes that has his name attached.

People have been saying the Tea Party is dead for a while (both Democrats and Republicans) but in this case, well, not so much.

We need to pay attention here. We need to make sure that people that are extreme on either side are not elected because they’re only looking out for a few special interests.

I’m not worried about Cantor’s future though, let’s be realistic. In January, he’ll probably go down the road in Washington to “K” Street (Lobbyist Lane) for a 7 figure salary.

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