You’re Trying Too Hard

Why is it everywhere I look, I see atheism turning into something else.

Is it because people are afraid of the word “atheism” that they believe they must show themselves as something else as well? Are atheist organizations going to start preaching social justice?

I think if you’re a regular reader here, you know I’m not against getting involved in your community. Helping others is a good thing. I don’t tie my being an atheist to any of that. One has nothing to do with the other and it’s disturbing to be that atheists nowadays want to redefine the word. Atheist does not mean humanist or anything else other than non-belief in gods.

It’s like how the SJW’s trying to redefine “misogynist” as anyone that disagrees with their philosophy. Everyone wants to push some sort of agenda these days.

You want people to think you’re a good and caring person. That’s great. I’m all for humanism. Please don’t try to make people think it has anything to do with atheism.

One thought on “You’re Trying Too Hard

  1. Atheists are bound to have interests that lie well outside of atheism. If we find other atheists who have similar interests, it makes sense to me that we’d want to connect with them and use our numbers to effect change. This doesn’t change the meaning of atheism at all; it is just another way for some of us to work together on shared goals.

    One of the best examples of this has been how many atheists have been vocal in their support for the LGBT community. It isn’t that we consider this part of atheism – it isn’t. It is that we see that those responsible for much of the bigotry directed at LGBT persons are the same people responsible for much of the bigotry against atheists. It makes perfect sense to me that many atheists are going to oppose religiously-motivated bigotry.

    The only aspect of this that strikes me as problematic is when atheists start bashing other atheists for not sharing their particular political ideology and/or social justice goals. This hurts their goals, drives others away, and fragments our community. There should be room here for atheists of all stripes to focus their energies wherever they like.


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