If You’re Wrong, Admit It

Have you ever known anyone that just refuses to admit they’re wrong?

I have, many times. It doesn’t matter how many facts you present that person; the number of studies you site, or show that their arithmetic is a bit off, they just won’t admit they may be in error.

iI’s frustrating, isn’t it? It’s not necessarily subjects concerning science, but even social and economic areas as well. I know it’s probably not a good thing to do but I end up using sarcasm as mockery with these types of people.

I think that what I’ve run into is a belief system. Not unlike religion. Someone told them something, or maybe several people told them, and since they believe those people, because of the way they speak or the “facts” that are disseminated, it must be true.

It’s dogmatic.

Why am I mentioning this? Know of any so-called skeptics that are this way? People that refuse to listen to any other point of view other than theirs? Yep, I know you probably do know at least one. Maybe many.

When someone presents me with information that contradicts what I believe I already know and I find out that what I’ve thought as true isn’t, it’s fairly easy for me to change my mind and replace the old with the new. Of course I always research what I’m told, if it checks out though, well, good for me! I just learned something. I a better person.

Can we agree that all of us that claim to be skeptics start admitting that when we’re wrong to just say that? It doesn’t make us stupid to admit error, it makes us smarter.

One thought on “If You’re Wrong, Admit It

  1. As a matter of fact I do know one such person. He blogs at Bitchspot. Mind you, he isn’t like this on every issue. But the one that drives me absolutely batty is his refusal to droph is ideological blinders and examine the evidence concerning anthropogenic global climate change. No matter what one says to him, no matter how much evidence is actually presented to him, he won’t let go of the notion that we humans are just not capable of affecting Earth systems and that the climate change issue is just the invention of emotional whiny liberals to achieve some nefarious agenda. I’ve run into a few like him. Even encountered one several years ago at TAM, the large gathering of skeptics in Las Vegas every July. That one was a libertarian. There does seem to be some connection between libertarianism and the rejection of climate science. There seems to be an inordinate number of libertarians who reject it. Though there appear to be a lot of Republicans in general who also reject it.


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